Breast Cancer 101: Everything You Need To Know About Your Treatment Options and Breast Reconstruction

A Breast Reconstruction Surgeon’s Thoughts On What You Should Know  Did you know that one in every 29 South Africans will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetimes? It also happens to be the most prevalent cancer in South Africa. These are some scary statistics, but the good news is that breast cancer is treatable when detected early. There are also countless treatment options and breast reconstruction options available. Early detection […]

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Dr Rory’s Top 6 Spring Skincare Changes to Make Now

As temperatures begin to rise and thick jerseys are tossed aside for sleeveless tops, one thing you may have overlooked as you prepare for Spring is your skincare routine. Make no mistake: the rich lotions and nourishing oils that you relied on during the winter months just won’t cut it during the warmer weather. Here are 6 of Dr Rory’s top Spring Skincare Changes to Take You into the New Season:   […]

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