Lift (Mastopexy)

The natural ageing process and pregnancy can cause your breasts to lose their natural shape and perkiness, resulting in a deflated and sagging appearance. A breast lift procedure is typically designed for women who are happy with the volume or size of their breasts, but the nipple and areola are low and the breast is droopy.

In addition to the lift, in some cases, the placement of a breast implant may also be necessary in order to enhance the breast shape or increase the size. This is known as a mastopexy-augmentation and is commonly done for women following pregnancy or excessive weight loss.

Each patient has their own individual reasons for undergoing a breast lift: For younger women who choose to have this procedure, the excessive volume and weight of the breasts may be the cause of sagging. For middle-aged women, hormonal changes as well as pregnancy can contribute to the breasts drooping (ptosis). With older women their ageing skin has lost its elasticity and is more prone to stretching. For all these women, the appearance and feel of their breasts is not what they want it to be and a mastopexy addresses this by lifting and reshaping the breasts, creating a youthful, shapely and firm appearance.

A Breast Lift Can:

  • Restore the shape and lift the position of the breasts

  • Correct uneven or downward-pointing nipples

  • Decrease the size of large areolas

  • Eliminate the discomfort associated with sagging breasts

  • When combined with augmentation, create a fuller, better shaped breast

Breast lift is done under general anesthesia and overnight stay is not usually required.

Depending on the extent of the drooping and the amount of excess skin, you may just have a circular scar around the nipple/areola or you may have a vertical or horizontal scar.

Recovery will depend on the extent of your breast lift but return to full activities is usually within 2-3 weeks. Results can be long-term, but weight loss/gain, future pregnancy, or natural aging may alter your appearance.

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