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Fat Grafting

Autologous fat injections are an excellent option for restoring a youthful appearance to the face which has lost volume over time, as part of the natural aging process. It can also help to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes, mouth, and on the cheeks. Fat injections can also be used to help reduce signs of scarring and add volume to other areas of the body such as the breast and buttocks.

Fat injections can be performed as a stand-alone surgical treatment, or as an adjunct for other procedures, such as facelift, browlift or blepharoplasty. This procedure uses your own fat, harvested through a liposuction technique in a fat-rich area of the body, such as the thighs or tummy. This fat is then specially prepared and cleansed before being injected into targeted areas of the face. This is done using very thin cannulas that provide fine control to position the fat cells and allow them to survive in their new location, providing lasting and generally permanent. Since your own tissue is being used, there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

Depending on the extent of fat grafting and accompanying procedures, this may be done under local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia.

Discomfort is generally minimal when fat grafting is done alone, and most patients require nothing more than an over-the-counter painkiller.

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